Can B12 Shots Help Reduce Fat?

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Benefits of the B12 Shot

If you're considering vitamin B12 shots to reduce fat, you should know about the research, pros and cons of taking B12. Many people experience side effects from vitamin B12 injections. No one vitamin has been proven to aid in fat reduction or weight loss either. So before you request B12 shots for fat loss, get the facts.

B12 Shots for Weight Loss

One controversial use of vitamin B12 injections is for fat reduction and weight loss. To date, no conclusive, rigorous studies have demonstrated vitamin B12 reduces fat or improves weight loss. One study, referenced by dietician Katherine Zeratsky on the Mayo Clinic website, demonstrated people who took a multivitamin or vitamins containing multiple B complex vitamins gained weight more slowly over time, but this does not prove B12 or any other B vitamins help people lose weight. Participants in the study taking vitamins may, for example, simply have been more health conscious than other people and therefore more careful with their diets than people who do not take any vitamins.

Access to Injections

If, despite this lack of evidence, you would like to try vitamin B12 shots to reduce fat, you must seek the injections from a reputable clinic or medical professional. While vitamin shots may be administered at home, it is best to first seek advice from a weight loss clinic that offers the injections. The medical staff can evaluate your overall health and check your blood test results for vitamin deficiencies and other health issues that may affect the dose. Many weight loss clinics offer such services.

Vitamins to Reduce Fat

Unfortunately, there is no one magic pill, vitamin or supplement that can reduce fat. The best and safest way to reduce overall body fat is through a sensible low calorie diet and exercise. Unfortunately, most people don't want to hear that. They are looking for a shortcut to weight loss. Many shortcuts, including supplements, can be dangerous and damaging to your health. Some, such as vitamins, are relatively safe except at mega doses. You can certainly take a B complex vitamin or a multivitamin to boost your overall vitamin intake. Unless your doctor advises you not to, for most people it is safe.

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Can B12 Shots Help Reduce Fat?