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Best Tasting Nutrient Dense Green Superfood Blend

Jessica Gore
Green Drinks

What is the best tasting, nutrient dense green superfood blend? With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to decide. Many products are quite costly, making it impractical to simply try them all hoping one will taste good. By learning about the different formulas available, you can get a better idea of which product might be the best choice for you. This won't guarantee you'll like the first brand you try, but it certainly can't hurt.

Choosing the Best Tasting Nutrient Dense Green Superfood Blend

There are many superfood green products to try, and each has its own purported benefits. Some of the most popular superfood blends are:

Boku Superfood

Boku Superfood is a whole food supplement that is essentially a number of nutrient-dense foods dehyrdated and ground into powder. It contains such recognizable ingredients as broccoli, spinach and even dark chocolate, along with more exotic-sounding ingredients like kelp and goji berry juice. The chocolate powder offers a richer taste than many superfood products, but don't expect a chocolate milkshake. Like most health products, it is still an acquired taste. This product appears to offer legitimate nutritional benefits for those who can afford it, but cannot take the place of a healthy, balanced diet.

GNC Superfoods Supreme

This is not actually a single supplement, but rather, eight. GNC Superfoods Supreme is a line of products put out by the well-known vitamin supplement store, and each of the products is created with specific nutritional needs in mind. For example, one product in the line is trageted as an antioxidant, while another is geared toward boosting energy and metabolism. Some consumer reviews note that this product does not mix well, so be sure you have a good quality blender if this is your product choice.

SunWarrior Ormus Supergreens

Upayanaturals is a supplement company specializing in organic, vegan, raw products. SunWarrior Ormus Supergreens is, according to the manufacturer's website, grown on volcanic soils of an ancient sea bed, which gives the greens a paramagnetic content of trace minerals. Consumer reviews on the taste of this product are not raving, but are generally positive.

Deciding on a Superfood

So, how can you know what is the best tasting nutrient dense superfood blend? If you have a superfood blend in mind that you think you would like to try, ask you local health food store if they offer samples of any of the products. They might sell trial-sized versions of the supplement, and some establishments even have on-site juice bars that will blend up a green smoothie or superfood drink for you to try right there. While many of these products offer a nutritional boost, they will only be a worthy investment if you actually enjoy them. No matter how healthy a supplement is or how much you pay for it, it won't do you any good if it's gathering dust at the back of your cupboard.

Best Tasting Nutrient Dense Green Superfood Blend