Vitamin Deficiencies and Health

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Vitamin Deficiencies and Health
Discuss unusual symptoms with your doctor.

Vitamins and Your Health

Vitamin deficiencies can lead to countless health problems that you may never have thought of. Something as seemingly minor as dry skin can actually be due to a lack of certain nutrients. More serious health problems can also result in a lack of the necessary vitamins in your system.

Do you have a vitamin deficiency? It is very possible. It has been estimated that nearly half of the population in the United States has a deficiency in at least one important nutrient. This can be due to lifestyle and dietary choices, but it can also be due to things that you have little control over such as pollution or stress.

Health Problems from Vitamin Deficiencies

Some very serious health problems may be the result of a vitamin deficiency. While fixing such problems may not be as simple as popping a multi-vitamin, you can help avoid these problems by being sure that you get all the vitamins that your body needs.

Diabetes is one example of a serious disease that can be caused by a Vitamin D deficiency. High blood pressure is another serious health problem that is often related to vitamin deficiency. Osteoporosis is another example; it is not just a calcium issue as many people think. A lack of Vitamin K is also a big contributing factor.

Symptoms of Deficiencies

Memory loss and lack of energy can be symptoms of a vitamin deficiency. Bleeding gums may be due to a lack in Vitamin C. Other symptoms of a deficiency can be depression, confusion, or shortness of breath.

If you notice symptoms, even if they seem minor, see your doctor to rule out possibly serious conditions. Then ask him if he things a vitamin deficiency could be the cause. Together you can create a program to bring you back to your optimum level health.

Vitamin Deficiencies and Health