Are There Vitamins That Boost Your Metabolism?

Vitamins that boost your metabolism.

Vitamins that boost your metabolism can help when you're facing fatigue, and difficulty losing weight or hypothyroidism. A sluggish metabolism can actually inhibit your ability to lose weight, feel energetic and rested whether you are eating correctly or not.

Take Vitamins that Boost Your Metabolism

If your metabolism is sluggish or you think it is, there are a number of ways to improve your metabolic rate. Be sure to consult with your doctor or physician about possible hypothyroidism (when your thyroid does not work as it is supposed to) and ask for their advice on boosting your metabolism.

Metabolism Boosting Tips

Easy ways you can boost your metabolism involve lifestyle choices including:

  • Eat a balanced breakfast every day. You may think skipping breakfast is a good way to cut a few calories, but it actually depresses your metabolism and puts your body into starvation mode, this requires more storage of fat and less energy for you.
  • Eat a good lunch and a light dinner - Your food consumption should occur earlier in the day. Don't eat anything late, particularly anytime in the three hours before you go to bed. Your body needs to process the food you ate and convert it to energy, what you eat late in the day just stores as fat.
  • Avoid starving yourself - Just like when you skip breakfast, starving yourself tells your body that food resources are low and it must hoard every calorie, every drop of energy and keep it locked away for survival.
  • Exercise - Regular exercise boosts your metabolism. Exercise, for example, walking for 30 minutes burns 150 to 200 calories for the 30 minutes you are walking, but your energy output is boosted for another 2 to 4 hours past your initial workout which means your body's metabolism is boosted and your burning more and using more resources effectively. Weight training two to three times a week continues this boost.
  • Water - Drink ice cold water. Yes, you need to drink water regularly for health, but cold water requires more energy to heat up inside your body, helping you to boost your digestion, metabolism and energy output.

Vitamin B Helps Your Metabolism

You should balance your vitamin supplements to match your needs. A multi-vitamin is great, but if you are extremely fatigued all the time and don't get enough vitamin B in your diet, then adding vitamin B-12 will improve your flagging energy. B-complex vitamins provide you with:

  • Boosted metabolism
  • Healthy skin
  • Muscle tone
  • Stronger immune system
  • Promotes cell growth and function

Vitamin B in Your Food

You can get vitamin B through food sources such as bananas, potatoes, chili peppers and lentils. Vegans take note that Vitamin B12 is not available in plant form, you must consume animal products or fortified cereals to get vitamin B12 in your food. Supplements of vitamin B12 are especially important for vegans and for those who do not eat animal products.

Your Health First

If you are concerned about having a slow metabolism or suspect that you may suffer from hypothyroidism, contact your personal physician. A simple blood test can reveal whether your thyroid is active and healthy. Healthy choices can lead to a healthier lifestyle and more energy.

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Are There Vitamins That Boost Your Metabolism?