Quiz on What Vitamins Do in the Body

Knowing what vitamins do what can help you sort through the abundance of information about how to eat a healthy diet and which supplements to take. Nowadays it seems as if every magazine, newspaper or website touts the benefits of one miracle vitamin or another. Many treat vitamins like pharmaceutical drugs, popping this or that vitamin to combat one ailment or another. Vitamins are a lot more complex than we give them credit for. Many need other vitamins or substances such as fats for absorption. The body manufactures some, while other vitamins must be obtained through food sources. Some vitamins can be stored for weeks, months or more by the body while others are depleted rapidly. Test your knowledge of the current truth about vitamins by taking this quiz on what vitamins do what in the body. You may be surprised by the results!

1. Vitamin B1 was actually the first vitamin discovered in 1912. But what does vitamin B1 do?